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Things You Can { And CAN'T } Make In A Waffle Iron

Ever since I tried making bacon in the waffle iron (which was a huge success!)…I’ve been intrigued whenever I see a new idea to try! Who knew waffle irons could be so versatile!? Since I didn’t want to devote an entire DAY to this project, I picked out 5 of my favorite ideas and …
  • Nicole Cisneros

    Bright Idea | One Good Thing by Jillee

  • Samantha Montez

    Waffle iron recipes -- Think I'll try the pizza, but place on pizza stone after cooking in waffle iron and finish cooking in oven.

  • Cathy Trumbo

    Things You Can Make In A Waffle Iron. Can= Bacon, Cinnamon Rolls, Hashbrowns, Pizza dough......Awesome!!!

  • Lindsay Rashid

    Dos and dont's of waffle iron cooking

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