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Kinfolk Issue Eleven - California Dreaming shot by Chris & Sarah Rhoads of We Are the Rhoads


is this not the cutest! daddy's and their daughters~something special!

why do i insist on torturing my heart with these pictures?! well, here's one more for the collection...

A Venice Beach couple has found home in a 1975 modern box made of simple materials. Hannah Henderson, John Moore and their family share their shelter for the day. Continue reading →

Love this for a newborn session. Backlighting bliss.

This is the cutest image. I need a man with a beard, denim shirts and tats so he can hold our kids like this. I'm not over planning - at all!

Americans speak often of their devotion to their families and desire America to be a nation that supports and protects the family unit and supports the individual in building family prosperity and legacies.