Cave of Melody, Scotland...

This recently discovered cave in Vietnam is massive beyond description. An entire forest is growing inside! There are no words to describe the enormity, and beauty of this natural wonder. -- The Empire State Building will fit inside-- ~ Photo credit: Carston Peter, Son Doong cave, Vietnam

Marble Cave, Ireland

Fairy Pools in Scotland.


Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland

Cave of Melody, Scotland

Cave of Melody, Scotland

'Chilly day on Loch Morlich' - Gail Ward

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Fairy Pools, Scotland

THE AMAZING WORLD: Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece

ireland giant’s causeway

Fingal's Cave in the Hebrides Islands of Scotland

The Batu Caves in Malaysia are one of the most famous grottos in the world, known for their Hindu temples and the 100m high open vault called the Cathedral Cave. The caves are made up of 400 million year old limestone.

Blood River, Devils Pulpit, Gartness, Scotland

Scotland Highlands | Amazing Glen Coe, Scotland

Fingal's Cave, on the island of Staffa off the west coast of Scotland

(Yellowstone National Park)

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland