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Russian Imperial Crown, made for coronation of Catherine the Great in 1762. The crown has 5000 diamonds, hundreds of pearls & a 415 carat ruby.

Crown of Empress Farah Pahlavi - The Empress' Crown. Iran. "As it was for the first time in 2,500 years, the wife of the Shah was being crowned, a special crown was to be made for this occasion, and the honor of manufacturing the crown fell to the famous Parisian jewelry firm of Van Cleef & Arpels."

One of the Romanov crowns, with gold embroidery, pearls and diamonds on red velvet.

Crown of the Kingdom of Kazan. Gold, precious stones and pearls. Russia. 1553. Armoury Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin. Diamond Fund. Moscow, Russia.

The original Crown used for the coronation of Henry VII, Henry VIII and his three children Edward V, Mary I and Elizabeth I has been recreated, it will be on exhibition at Hampton Court

Catherine the Great ascended the throne of Russia, after the successful coup d’etat organized by Catherine’s lover Grigory Orlov against her husband Peter III. Catherine the Great ordered the design and manufacture of a new Imperial Crown for her Coronation as the Empress of Russia. The court jewelers Jeremiah Pauzie and Ekart were assigned the task of producing the Great Imperial Crown.

This emerald and diamond tiara, c. 1870, was formerly the property of a Belgian Princess. The octagonal, step-cut, and hexoganal emeralds at the top weigh 7.58, 7.26 and 8.05 carats, respectively. The two diamonds around the larger center emerald are 2.93 and 3.85 carats, respectively. The tiara is designed as series of bows entwined with foliate sprays.

The Great Imperial Crown made in 1762 for the coronation of Catherine the Great by the court jeweler J.Pauzie


Carnival recollections: Antique crowns, scepters and other Mardi Gras mementos on display at Longue Vue