Directions: 1. White Base Color 2. Place small dots of colored polish in corner of nail. 3. Spread colored polish dots outward with a toothpick. 4. Apply topcoat....I will attempt this.

White polish, lines done with sharpie, clear top coat

Botanic Nails

Floral Nail Polish for Spring | Cute Nails by Makeup Tutorials at


Assorted nail colors and designs with a small spread out brush. There is no way I could pull that off, but that's really cool

You will need 4 colors of nail polish, a dental floss holder and a piece of wax paper. 1) Paint your nail with a color that you prefer. 2) Apply a generous glob of nail polish to a piece of wax paper . 3) Dab the floss in the nail polish and rock it over your nail to create a lines. 4) Repeat step 2 and 3 with another color. 5) Apply a top coat.

Flower nail art #colors #cute

i fly like paper get high like planes :)

Simple flower nail art

pink summer mani

<3 this!!

Love the color.<3 everything about wedding ♥ Pink cupcake nail art design #wedding #pink #nail #cupcake

Pretty. This looks like it would take forever!! Crystal mosiac manicure on top of black nails #glamourgrail

White Nails with Neon Dot Tips---LOVE!

Only thing that needs to be changed is it needs a cross instead of a anchor.

Tribal Nails

nails nails nails


Great color