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Fake(Mislabeled) - This was created not a real animal. - The item "taxidermy of two headed rabbit mounted in glass dome" made with two real rabbits by lovefuture on Etsy is no longer available.(lovefuture also made a jackalope)

Wow... if I ever owned a bar in the montrose, I would have this as decoration.

Antique taxidermy english bulldog by GreyForestSociety

The taxidermy sculptures of Les Deux Garcons...I am strangely attracted to his work.

Les Deux Garcons, the Netherlands based artist duo of Michel Vanderheijden van Tinteren and Roel Moonen, obtain ethically sourced (we checked) creatures from taxidermists and vets to craft their wondrous chimeras and fantastical siamese twins. Reveling in the whimsically absurd as well as providing subtle commentary on the role of animals in mankind's world, Les Deux Garcons fanciful beasts are shocking and compelling at the same time. - Kirsten Anderson