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  • 🌸🌸Deanna🌸🌸

    @Kristin Witty do u remember this? Fashion Plates! SO MANY HOURS of my childhood. #80s #memories

  • Kelly {G}

    Fashion plates kept me busy for hours as a kid. I was the biggest fashion designer!

  • Amanda Rasco

    I loved Fashion Plates! I played with my sister's like this when I was a little girl!

  • Regina Pierce

    Fashion plates- who had this as a kid? i think it was my sister, Heather... LOVED it!!

  • Susan Zeige

    A blast from my past, Fashion Plates! I spent soo many hours coming up with different outfits, man I wish this was something my parents didn't get rid of. Ahh the childhood memories this pic brings back!

  • Tammy Victorian

    The HOURS i spent playing with these!!! Fashion plates - this was definitely one of my favorite toys growing up in the 80s!

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My sister had this and once again I was so jealous - I had the greeting card one but wasn't quite the same

Fashion Plates! I HAD ONE OF THIS I LOVED THEM!! SO MANY HOURS of my childhood. #80s #memories

Vintage Set Plus Expansion Set - Tomy Fashion Plates - Girls Fashion Toy From The 70's - Includes Rubber. $100.00, via Etsy.

Fashion Plates - I spent HOURS on end designing spectacularly awful outfits with this

My cousins had this toy when we were kids & it was my favorite!!! I totally want one of these now, I'd still play with it ;)

Fashion Plates - I spent HOURS on end designing spectacularly awful outfits with this

whoa, I grew up one of these! only it was more late 70's / early 80's styles. And you could add texture or patterns to the clothing...

I wanted this sooooo much! But when I got it, I was bored in a day by its limitations. But, it was still a brilliant toy. It immediately had me pushing it to one side and drawing my own stuff for Betty and Veronica. How I wish I still had those hundreds of sketches

80s fashion..... leggings were crazy back then

Remember these shirts? 80's fashion...I remember all the kids having one. I wanted one, but i don't think I ever got one.