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Explore Beijing China, 798 Beijing, and more!

If you follow global art trends at all, then you must be aware of the tremendous following that Chinese contemporary art has been enjoying during rece

798 Art District Beijing, Beijing, China — by Sandra R

Discovered by Sandra R, "Beijing Boy. Street Art in the Art District of Beijing." at 798 Art District Beijing, Beijing, China

Olympic Park Observation Tower, Beijing, China designed by Shi Yingfang, Li Lei and Wen Yaling, height 243m. Construction began in 2008, to coincide with that year's Summer Olympics and completed/opened in 2014. It is used strictly for observation; there is no provision for offices or apartments. 258 metres (846 ft) in height, its design, with 4 smaller circular floors at different heights and positions below a larger top floor, is meant to echo the Olympic rings.

Terracotta Warriors, Xian, China. Colección de esculturas de terracota que representan a los ejércitos de Qin Shi Huang, primer emperador de China. forma de arte funerario enterrado con el emperador en 210 - 209 aC cuyo propósito era proteger al emperador en su vida futura. estimaciones que en los tres pozos que contienen el ejército de terracota había más de 8.000 soldados, 130 carros con 520 caballos y 150 caballos de caballería, la mayoría de los cuales todavía están enterrados en las…