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One of the best skits never to make it live on SNL. VIDEO - CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW "Don't Give Away Your Pie For Free, It Makes You Look Cheap". Brenda the Waitress skit on SNL: Alec Baldwin and Jan Hooks with Kevin Nealon and Phil Hartman and Nora Dunn.

Watching pyramids on TV, and they just remind me of when Phil Hartman ended up on that Colon Blow bowl pyramid on SNL. "colon blow and yooooooOOOooou in the mooornin'"

"What Does My Girl Say?" from SNL with Kerry Washington. The best skit I've seen from SNL in years. #SNL #KerryWashington

Mom Jeans, my fav SNL skit. "Give her something that says 'I'm not a woman anymore, I'm a mom". To view:

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