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On the menu @tastebarstl : Smoked beet salad with salt cured arctic char, dill pickled shallots, pumpernickel crumble, lemon ricotta and a charred leek and orange vinaigrette

- Eggplant “brandade,” braised Jimmy Nardello peppers, saffron braised olives - Carpaccio of watermelon radish and turnip, horseradish salsa verde, grapes, grated almond - Tartar of tomato and corn, roasted tomato polenta - Bruschetta, crispy tofu skin, avocado, tomato, smoked garlic “aioli” - Summer mushroom pate, grilled nebrodini mushrooms

"Gather" charcuterie an umami-rich mushroom tartare with radish salsa, spring vegetables, mustard, and Nepitella (a wild Tuscan herb somewhere between oregano and mint): a chickpea hummus with dried Habanero, English pea, and cilantro, dotted with black chickpeas; trumpet mushrooms with spring onion, canellini bean purée, horseradish, and an herb salad; and a dessert of sorts, which was fresh strawberries with braised dried fruit, coconut milk foam, basil, and rhubarb.

Pastaria R+D Monday night dinners at @Niche Home Furnishings & Design Hand-Cut Tagliatelle w/ sardella, lemon, parsley, chive, crispy anchovy @nicheadam

- Heirloom carrots, green garlic confit, mint, English pea-tarragon puree - Grilled asparagus, almond-pepper puree, Spanish red spring garlic, “aioli” - Roasted sunchokes, Rub Red crescent potatoes, fried onion cabernet vinaigrette, oyster mushrooms - Roasted baby beets, shaved fennel, dill, blood orange, horseradish almond puree, pistachio - Fried tofu skin bruschetta, avocado, spicy baby fennel escabeche

Risotto Cacio e Pepe

In this recipe, the broth is slowly stirred into the risotto, taking the place of chicken stock, while the cream is added toward the end of cooking, giving the risotto a luxurious texture.