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Benedict Cumberbatch. Just the most beautiful picture. Whoever took this - you are my hero!

He's always impeccably dressed for a country getaway. | 25 Things That Prove Benedict Cumberbatch Is The Perfect Man

Happy Birthday, Benedict. You are not only a breathtaking actor, but an incredible person. Your work on and off screen has inspired so many and the world is a little bit better off because of you. Not to mention how gorgeous and intelligent you are. Anyway, happy 37th birthday. Live long and prosper. Love always, -The Cumber-Collective

A scruffy, contented looking Benedict for your Tuesday viewing pleasure - Imgur

Benedict Cumberbatch. But seriously, how is Benedict so beautiful? I mean, look at him! Just being there, radiating beauty.

Benedict Cumberbatch

I'm serious I'm going nuts because I saw Colin Morgan in that suit with the SAME HAIRCUT and now I see BENNY in the same SUIT AND HAIRCUT.

Elegant tip: Looking for a way to add some tasteful decor to a library or study? Benedict Cumberbatch!

Reddit headline: "Another day of: What on earth are you wearing, you adorkable man?" Answer: Whatever I want.

Benedict Cumberbatch - benedict-cumberbatch Photo i could cut my hands slapping that face...Cheek Bones like Yours ... Should I try?

Ladies and gentlemen...Benedict Cumberbatch. Oh Sweet Lord of the Rings! ((Melts)) <-- this comment!

Gingerbatch kills me and makes my ovaries explode. Imagine our gorgeous auburn children!!!