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Stevie Nicks


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Stevie ~" ...taken by, taken by the sky......days unwind and love's a state of mind".

Stevie Nicks - met her one night after her show, we were introduced by a mutual friend, Gordon Perry she was wonderful. It can be scary to meet a musical hero, you hope that they are nice and not arrogant. She was amazing! We embraced and asked me if I was sure I wanted to be in this industry. Then she said, "don't ever give it up Margo" as she held both my hands. #MargoRey

Vintage Muse: Stevie Nicks by vintspiration, via Flickr

Stevie Nicks- playing her ever so famous "air guitar" out at a taping of "Good Morning America" in NY

Stevie Nicks. yes, i want stevie hair. but i will settle for kate middleton too.

Stevie. Lindsey....Buckingham favorite album of all time...b♡

One of the most talented voices with a great boho/gypsy style.One of my fav. Idols*

Stevie Nicks by jacinta.storten

Stevie Nicks - or the fantasy celebrity of Lauren Fenmore-Baldwin

It's in the music, And beauty stands before you. And love comes back around again, it's a carousel, a carousel, a carousel, my friend yeah