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Caroline October 2012

I HAVE to do what Brintlie needs. I don't want to promise something that I don't know if I can uphold my end of the deal. I told you of we stayed in the same room we would DEFINITELY be in separate beds which is actually farther apart than we are now....

TWIST OF FATE - 14k White gold - Diamond Engagement Ring - Halo - Unique - Swirl - Pave - Bp024

CUSTOM listing - 14k White gold - Diamond Engagement Ring - Halo - UNIQUE - Swirl - Pave - Bp024

This ring and band are amazing! Intricate and beautiful without being obnoxiously huge... This is exactly what I'd want... only silver.

EVER BLOOMING LOVE - 1.50 ct Infinity Diamond Engagement Flower Ring - Ring on a green leaf - Rose - Lotus - Beautiful Petra Patented - fL06