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Chicken Coops

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chicken tractor - may fasten the tarp with bungi cords since there are grommets on some tarps every 3 feet. Also, make a small door to connect to the stationary coop to double as a "Run" in winter? During the summer, put "portable" nesting boxes inside when unable to watch hens "free ranging" OR..... cover the structure with CLEAR plastic so the chicken tractor can double as a green house in the spring. ( I haven't figured out how to do this quite yet but lots of ideas!)

love the look of this chicken coop with the morning glory growing up the side!

chicken coop - love the clear roof! I vote to give the current mini-barn to the donkey and goats and build this for the chickens' summer home. :)

How to Build A Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop great coop for small suburban back yard with the ability to disassemble for moving.not sure about the planting area above pen, but maybe?

Photo shows details of passive ventilation in chicken coop. Link is to a journal entry with photos and technical details of hen house under construction.