Recipe: Root Beer Float Cupcakes

Coffee Butter Cream Frosting - A traditional butter cream icing recipe with a coffee flavor. Pairs well with vanilla and chocolate cakes and cupcakes.

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Rootbeer Float Cupcakes OMG! Must try!!! Next work function, I will be bringing these!

Root Beer Cupcakes = 1 can Root Beer + White Cake Mix + Vanilla Frosting

rootbeer cupcakes recipe, perfect for summer dinners:)

Root Beer Cupcakes Recipe - and pizza!

Root beer float cupcake

Root Beer Float Cupcake Recipe

Carrot Cake Cookies. Developed by @Bridget edwards for Dixie Crystals.

another take on rootbeer cupcake. this is a less messy version!

Root Beer Float Fudge Recipe from Taste of Home -- shared by Jennifer Fisher, Austin, Texas

Root Beer Float Cupcakes- Favorite summertime treat in cupcake form. Perfect dessert for your summer bbq's.

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how to make stabilized whipped cream frosting just like on cakes from the bakery

Root Beer Float Cupcakes.... Yum!