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    • Agnes Lepine

      The Hunger Games Triology by Suzanne Collins. In my top 10 list of books worth reading. Soon in theaters!

    • Ashley Roness

      The Hunger Games: Suzanne Collins. This is amaezing book series and I can't wait to see the movie!

    • Cassie Armstrong

      The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins #Books #HungerGames - Read

    • Megan Bumpus

      The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. another book on my top ten list of all time favorite books. Its disturbing in the best possible way. Its a series that doesn't coddle you and isn't coated in sugar like many of the recent young adult litereature(Twilight). Its gritty and grim, and will leave you worn out from an emotional roller coaster. It has a depth to it that many YA fiction authors are afraid to use. And speaking of YA Fiction, this series isn't limited to youth, it can touch those of any age. Definitely a series worth reading.

    • Britney Groeneveld

      "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. A great book and great movie.

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    E X C E L L E N T !!!!

    A must read

    Great book

    All of Kelly Armstrong

    Great story about sisters...not nice sisters!

    My all-time favorite book.

    House Rules by Jodi Picoult. I cannot put this book down!

    Absolutely loved this!!!!

    I've read every book so far... patiently waiting!

    twilight - not necessarily the best books but they are like crack!

    Bel Canto One of my favorite books ever


    One of the best books I've read.

    The Shining: Stephen King

    A collection of short stories written by King from the late 1960s to the 1980s. Impressively creepy stories, especially "The Raft" and "The Mist." "The Raft" made me terriefied to jump into the river by myself for a good couple of weeks! Awesome Book!

    I think this is the last Shel Silverstein book I need to buy before I have them all...

    Love Jody Piccoult

    Every. Single. Time.

    Very poignant book...a page turner.

    Twilight - not that good but they are like crack

    Way better than the movie!

    Put this on your book club list ladies!

    The weight of Silence

    Excellent! Interesting...disturbing...fascinating....she is mesmerizing.