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  • Sophia

    You're not ugly, society is! Hmmm i think this will be my rant today... So society serious gives us a really screwed up view of how life should be. i mean society tells us that we need to be super skinny and look a certain way. But really girls just need to see that they are unique no matter what that society needs to get a life or something. Hmm that was just another daily rant! I hope you enjoyed it! :D

  • Shelby O'Brien

    Redefining beauty.

  • Mallory Smith

    If only we could all remember this!

  • Elisa Graham

    Society tells you things like, "You don't wanna get married?? You freak!" And, "You don't want kids??? You cold-hearted, selfish MONSTER!!! How could you?? You're so UNNATURAL!!" DON'T LISTEN TO SOCIETY. God will help you through your issues, so put Him first!!!

  • Jenny

    stay true

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