Bath mat that turns red when wet - LOVE IT! If only people showered at the Halloween party.

Love this! Seriously amazing

OMG I want one!!!

Timing is everything - look at this: Picture, Timing Is Everything, Giggle, Perfect Timing, Funny Stuff, Perfecttiming, Perfectly Timed Photos, Funnie

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Shower curtain and bath mat turn red when wet

Have a nice day! I want a matching set so my friends and I could flip people off while having coffee or tea.

Best calendar ever

Really want this!!!

Christmas genius- I want to do this- its perfect!

I need some of these!

SlideRider Turns Your Stairs Into A Slide :)

Wow...only a woman could have created this!! Impey Wet Room Foot Rest

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15 Ways To Make All Your Friends Hate You...hilarious love the scissors probably best

10 Clever Kitchen Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed

Pixelated towel

Peter Pan cut out of paper glue to top of lamp shade loving this