Print a letter big on computer, cut out with exacto knife and put pictures behind.

Color frame black and white photo

Great idea for sentimental gifts -- for your home, for Grandma, GodParents... #DIY #crafts #love #footprints #handprints

Name Frame Photo Collage- cute idea! Cut out with the silhouette? Either the photos directly as a letter or a piece of paper to serve as a "mat"


Printable letters...doing this

Black and white photos printed on regular paper on draft setting and then mod podged on the letter and then one final coat after all pics are on letter.

1. Google any silhouette 2. Print on colored paper 3. Cut them out 4. Place in frame 5. Voila! I love this! A peacock? Rapunzel? Who knows what's next!!

cute father's day gift - have letters spell out daddy and daughter sharing the same d.

You won't believe how quick & easy it is to make this darling "M is for Magazine" rack using precut wood letters & a piece of scrap wood! A stylish & original gift idea that is sure to be a hit!

These make the perfect gifts! LOVE THEM! ALL OF THEM

For the fix-it husband: use nuts and bolts and screws and nails to make the initial. Attach with hot glue on a thick piece of cardboard or cardstock. Frame.

Draw on tissue paper with permanent markers, wrap around candle, and heat until the image is transferred - A great gift idea for the kiddos to help out with!

beach - have the chipboard die cuts...used them on zoo layouts and that was so much fun to do.

Daddy/child handprints in contrasting colors

large letters for girls' bedroom wall. great way to decorate teen wall... paint her walls black (chalkboard or magnetic paint) and get her lots of colorful magnets, art, and these letters are a GREAT idea.

Elf table leg covers - . Use Christmas socks or girl's tights and cut out felt elf shaped shoes, glue together and stuff with batting or plastic grocery it! : ))

scan actual love letters to computer, print on fabric transfer paper and then make into a pillow

Macrame and Crystal Initial Bracelet by stitchandstonedesign, $20.00

These would be good to make and keep in your purse for keeping kids busy at restaurants. Kids love pictures of themselves!