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  • katie Pitterle

    Be alive to see all states legalize gay marriage

  • Davidandleahkaye Weathers

    ♥♥ We Support Marriage Equality! #UniteBlue! ♥♥ I am not gay, and I will always and forever support gay marriages/love

  • CLC

    For my wonderfully supportive family and friends!

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If I can chose to marry a man who is British, German, South African, Colombian, Chines, or Canadian why can't every one else marry who they want? Good For them for standing up for their rights.

I can't fathom why we live in the 21st century but this is still an issue in the "free world".

Just because someone supports gay marriage doesn't mean they are gay, I support animal rights, do I look like an alpaca to you???

  • Cassie

    Hmm..I'm a supporter of gay marriage but not sure this is the best analogy. More like, if you supported marriage to animals you may be suspected of wanting to marry an animal.

  • Alexandra J

    Why do you have to justify that you're not gay?? it's not bad to be gay.

  • Sophia Jackson

    Well, of course its not a bad thing, but you don't want to have girls hitting on you if you're straightforward

  • Sophia Jackson

    I mean straight

  • Destiny Penfield

    You have a llama in your backyard Its an alpaca!

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Everyone should have the right to marry those they love.

I support gay marriage

  • Rachel Bullock

    Sirana, denying someone a basic right is discrimination and I will put anyone down who uses religion to justify discrimination. God is a loving person, he does not condone this hate. I'm not even a Christian and I know that.

You can't rush something you want to last forever

Well, this quote makes me feel like I am a little nasty and going against what my Grandma Thompson always said, If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all! But here it is anyhow!

This is a family and not bullshit - Imgur

Support Gay Rights, this post is for all those I love and care about who have not been treated fairly.

  • AnnElise Clemons

    Really?! Are you serious!?! Just because someone has a different opinion than you they are heartless!? I do not support gay marriage that doesn't make me heartless it simply means we have different beliefs!! If you descrimate or hate people because of their sexual preference that is wrong but opposing something because of personal beliefs isn't.

  • AnnElise Clemons

    And before someone smashes on me because of my opinion-- yes it is because of my religious beliefs. No I don't believe that your condemned to hell if your gay. No I do not hate gay people. And no yelling at me and calling me a homophobe will not Chang my opinion I believe god have everyone agency and how they use it is their choice but I do not support it

  • Emeline T

    Okay people: Homophobes are not heartless. And to everyone against gay marriage, please consider these points: 1. America was not, is not, and (hopefully) never will be a theocracy. 2. Marriage was around before Christianity, and existed in civilizations that had never heard of your particular religion. 3. Not everyone is going to follow your particular religion, and that is okay. Live and let live. Peace out

  • Kailey Ryan

    Ok so to get this straight, Christians do not believe gays are evil. Pope Francis was even like "if people are gay, who am I to judge" it's in there like once in the bible. People just throw things WAY out of proportions

  • AnnElise Clemons

    I agree kailey people should not be protesting gay marriage when they follow nothing else in the bible. Half of them are divorced yet they have accepted that because any punishment is cruel. Lets not judge. Love thy neighbor. Thy homosexual neighbor. Thy divorced neighbor. Thy ( insert any word here) neighbor. Christianity teaches to love but many Christians forget that. Acceptance not judgment

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