40 ways to entertain your kids while lying down (when you're sick, pregnant, injured, etc). I'll be thankful I pinned this one day!

10 things to stop saying to kids (and what to say instead).

200 ways to bless your child with a happy childhood.

8 go-to phrases for a happy kids...& creative ways to say yes & no.

For the mama's! A list of rashes, what they look like, and what to expect. Great pin to have on hand - Click image to find more Kids Pinterest pins

List of age appropriate chores for kids starting at age 2

For my little cough-er right now. He sounds miserable. Need to make these honey pops. Only ingredient - honey.

Mamas Like Me: Getting Kids Ready for a New Sibling

One simple tip to help you stop yelling at your kids. Seriously, it's simple, yet effective! This is great for more than children, how about a relationship? I think so. It's a simple fantastic way to keep balanced.

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Best Temper Tantrum Tricks - these are great ideas! I'll be glad I pinned this someday

These everyday phrases may actually do more harm than good.

My Child Won't Eat! This is some really good info on why kids are picky and some very practical tips to get kids to eat.

good to know for the future... How to lose the baby weight quickly. This is an EXCELLENT article! I'll be so glad I pinned this later!

fun questions to ask

25 manners

11 deadly carseat mistakes. Everyone with kids needs to read this!!!

Mama's Boy.

Uh-Oh chores for when kids are naughty, whiney, tattle-taling, etc. ...LOVE this idea!!!