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The Sudanese Red Sea teems with barracuda fish, as seen in this photography by Ireland's Jackie Campbell. The photo won third place in the wide-angle category.


Caribbean Octopus vulgaris babies at the California Academy of Sciences


Barracuda: ran into one of these snorkeling in the Grand Cayman … not pretty to have those teeth about 3 feet away from you …

Saltwater fish-it's a shame these lose their awesome colors as they mature...

Juvenile Emperor Angelfish - that is one seriously cool fish! Wiltshire Martinez - can this kind of fish live in your tank?

Luna | by herebirdiebirdie on Flickr

Sixline Wrasse are a common find in the Indo-Pacific oceans and are collected in large numbers for the marine aquarium hobby. Nice fish, but can be pretty aggressive at times.

Turt Amazing World beautiful amazing

Green Sea Turtle sitting on a colorful coral reef underwater in the ocean by Soren Egeberg Photography, via Shutterstock

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Supersonic Papuan Jellyfish Mastigias Papua, Palau Print By Hiroya Minakuchi


Spotted jelly (medusa moteada) at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Photo by Marty Cohen Photography.

rainbow parrotfish  Rainbow Parrot Fish

RAINBOW PARROT FISH - painting by Amanda Reichelt-Brushett Location: These fish are found in abundance in shallow reefs around the world, including the Red Sea, Indian Ocean and the Pacific.