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Living Root Bridges in Cherrapunji India. The Nongthymmai living root bridge, at somewhere in the vicinity of 110 feet in length, the longest (known) living root bridge in the Northeast Indian state of Meghalaya. Taking around 15 years to grow strong enough to become usable, the Khasi Living Root bridges are some of the only examples of architecture that are grown rather than constructed.

Love-Locks Bridge, Paris, France. Couples that have found the loves of their lives take a lock, lock it on the fence, and throw the key in the river. MUST GO.

The Living Root Bridges of India ~ Kuriositas

"For the last 500 years, the locals of Nongriat in Meghalaya, India have grown several hundred bridges across the region’s numerous water channels, using just the roots of local ribber trees. Some of the bridges extend over 100 feet in length and are strong enough to support more than 50 people at a time."

LIVING Tree Root Bridge in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Planted in 1890, two small villages use the living roots of two Jawi-jawi trees (a type of Banyan tree) on opposite sides of the river banks to cross the river. Strong roots!

The living bridges of Meghalaya, India are made from the roots of the Ficus elastica tree. by Shiraz Hansen

If you miss that those black bodies to the background are trees, you could think that their white tops are snowflakes falling. We shouldn't ignore the bridge in anyway since it's one of the best part of this pic from Northern New York State, US.

We are rooted and grounded in Him. Our roots go back before the earth was formed.

the lower one is the original bridge from 300 years ago. It was superceded by the upper (wider) one a hundred years later. The newer bridge also cuts out a rather tricky incline on the approaches on either side of the gorge. The bottom bridge is the abandoned one

New River Gorge Bridge This bridge is 876 feet high and is the second longest steel arc bridge in the world. On the 3rd Saturday in October, the bridge is shut down and people rappel or BASE jump off of it. It's the only day that you are allowed to walk across the bridge.