house slide, need!

Indoor Oak cool and it looks nice too! If we ever have a home with stairs, I will so make my husband build

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stone shower

This looks like the most wonderful and comfortable thing ever

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awesome tree houses

A built in vacuum dust pan for your kitchen and bathrooms! This was in a show home I went through. I never forgot it and totally want it in my house!

I don't care about liking the thing. I WANT THIS ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will have this in my future house.

Any slide for adults in a house is a great idea, but this one contains a water slide. Excellent choice of transportation and you can even get a shower on the way out of bed going down to get breakfast!

I kinda love them all!

staricase + slide

pool slide!

who wouldnt rather slide down? lets be real here..

Dream House. Dream Pool.

How AWESOME is this?!

When I was younger we always slide down our staircase, bum first. I would so add this wall and slide to my house. Instead of driving your mom up a wall, you can just climb it. :-)

I am in love with this room <3

Indoor pool with slide.

I absolutley love this! Indoors doggie house under the stairs! Love that this one even has a window!