Write 3 paragraphs explaining what just happened.

What happened here? How is each feeling?

great Writing Prompt: What happened to the little kid from next door? Create a story using setting and dialog to explain how he ended up in the mouth of a snowman.

Have students journal a response to the picture...where is this? what is happening? why? what will happen next? etc.

Writing Prompt: What will happen next?

Describe what happened to cause this lightsword fight?

No clue what happened to your lipstick. I was most certainly not involved.

WRITER #1:Tell the story about what was happening when this picture was taken.

Writing prompt. This tiny turtle is giving a speech. What is he saying? Who is he speaking to? Love this!

Make an inference.

Picture Prompt - MAIN IDEA & DETAILS: What is the main idea of this image? What are some of the details you see? List your thoughts in your reading journal.

Best writing prompt EVER!!!! ;)

Writing prompt: what happened here?


companionship....and love. this photo chokes me up...

writing prompts

The best organization of a Writer's Notebook I've found- plus, simple activities for starting writing off 'WRITE!' this school year! :)

Writing Prompt: What is happening in this picture? Who are these men? What are they doing? What will happen next?

I SPY: Each student writes a descriptive paragraph about an object. Take a picture of each student with the magnifying glass held up close so that it magnified one eye

Writing Prompt: Write a story about what is happening here.

QUESTIONING: What questions come to mind when you see this image? List your questions in your reading journal.