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It is so simple. This is why religion discourages thinking - because anyone who spends half an hour truly examining it will know it is a lie.

Wake UP America!!! This is GOD's Country, OUR Country under GOD!!!

If you think some nut who wants to graze his cattle on federal land for free is a "hero" but a worker who wants $10/hr is a "moocher..." you just might be a Republican!

liberalsarecool: “ GOP austerity was all about stagnating the US economy under Obama. ”

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If you're claiming Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable, you might have to think about who would find him so. In May 2015, a lot of people didn't think Ed Miliband was electable so they voted Green, voted UKIP, voted SNP if they were in Scotland, or didn't vote at all. In the end, 1/3 of those eligible didn't vote & Cameron now has a majority of 10. I reckon a swing to a Corbyn-led Labour Party isn't so unlikely, especially now that Labour have won the Oldham West by-election with such a large…

So true. Bernie has opened the eyes of millions and things will never be the same again. Change is coming, whether or not the powers that be are ready for it.