um.. interesting!!

Mossy Mushroom - use chicken wire for the shape line with spagnum moss and cover with chia seeds? Lol these look awesome

Moss Cottage.


ground cover idea--stop fighting the moss that wants to grow between patio and walkway rocks


How To Grow Moss | Moss and Stone Gardens Blog BEST DETAILED INFO!!! Do not use buttermilk or beer

labyrinth with rocks and moss (not the grass shown)

Moss Faerie House by Sally J Smith

Fern String Garden - Kokedama Moss Ball - Pistils Nursery

moss bench

mushroom tree

Garden Hobbit cute! Now I just need to figure out how to make this adult-size...

"Planting a mix of hardy hens and chicks (Sempervivum sp.) in a hanging sphere allows you to enjoy them in a new way. Work from a wire form with soil, then press individual plants into holes no deeper than their roots."

Create a dramatic look in your garden by using bold colors. More gardening trends:

green teepee

bicycle gate

mini moss gardens.

Reindeer Moss, Moss Green, Green Moss, Damp Mossy, Ferns Mosses, Delightfully Mossy

A birds nest for kids!