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{'I'd like a Diet Coke please.' 'Is Diet Pepsi okay?' 'Is Monoply money okay?'} My feelings exactly

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I used to wonder what I'd like to read other people's mind

If your partner was wearing something that was embarrassing, what would you do? Read my thoughts in today's blog here: http://www.kisw.com/pages/11281358.php?pid=424059

Words We Need To End When 2013 Ends

Sorry, mom! This is so true! crocs - old people shoes

Well....maybe the fourth lol

Just kidding I'm on my cupcake. Just kidding I hate cupcakes. Just kidding I live for cupcakes. Just kidding I live for veggies. Just kidding veggies make me sick. Just kidding millennials make me sick.

Couldn't help but laugh when I saw Barbie & Ken in a real world scenario! LOL

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I knew it!!

Funny pictures about Mathematical proof. Oh, and cool pics about Mathematical proof. Also, Mathematical proof.

Oohhhh, so THAT'S why it tries to kill me every month. I totally get it. I still hate it, but I understand... xD

Funny pictures about Angry uterus. Oh, and cool pics about Angry uterus. Also, Angry uterus.