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    I don't want to waste it.

    favorite hello & hardest goodbye I want him to say that to me!!!

    One of my favorite quotes BC its so true. Life is precious you only live it once so why not be with the one you couldn't imagine life without. Someone who makes each day worth living.


    For my girls

    Albert Einstein was a genius in many ways!


    Gosh darn. So true.

    May the bridges I burn light the way. This is a powerful quote. I don’t advocate burning bridges just to burn them, but sometimes it’s best to cut all ties. Tactically burn bridges and use them as learning experiences for future endeavors.

    I've pinned this before, but I really need your hug right now!

    This is so sweet.

    ..One of my High School best friends, my husband of 35 years.


    I love this