bahahahaha... dedicated to my husband who is an amazing CHEF!! Shawn you are beautiful... ;)



I hope I'm that cute when I'm dead

You cared a little bit!

"I HATE IT WHEN FAT PEOPLE ARE HAPPY AND CONFIDENT IN THEIR BODIES." As long as your weight isn't hurting your health, then I don't see any reason to change your image if the only thing it does is make other people happy.

I cannot stop laughing!

the little stick ppl is why I'm repining lol I aint't gonna lie...I tried it...

Find X mug - math problem funny white ceramic coffee or tea mug While most of the coffee or tea mugs in our store are designed with the

I am quite amused by this.

ba ha ha!

I really shouldn't laugh this hard over pictures of a guinea pig....but this is too funny!<<< Percy! Stahhpp

Literally one of the best things Ive ever seen on Pinterest. The initial image is kinda lame, but dont get me wrong, they get SO much better. :) Do it. Youre day will instantly get better. - more funny stuff:

The more I scrolled the more I laughed

Aww! =)

Everyday objects replaced by baguettes. WHY AM I LAUGHING SO HARD AT THIS???

mean but funny XD

Laughed so hard :)

hahaha i laughed way too much at this