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Heimlich Maneuver for adults, children, and yourself

Heimlich maneuver on conscious child

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Heimlich maneuver

How to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver

Choking Rescue Procedure (Heimlich Maneuver)-Adult or Child Older Than 1 Year...EVERYONE should know

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Conscious Child Choking. **Every parent should watch!** Excellent video by an EMT! How to clear the airway of a choking child, how to recognize signs of choking and how to give a child Heimlich maneuver. Links to: Unconscious Child Choking, Child CPR, Conscious and Unconscious Infant Choking, and Infant CPR as well!


First Aid

CPR.. check for brachial pulse on an infant

CPR on a Child and a Baby. Re-read every 3 months. Never hurts to know this, even if you don't have kids!

CPR on an infant... make sure to support their head with your fingers on the infant's face as you apply blows to the infant's back

Video: Infant CPR


Is my child spoiled? | Dayton Children's Hospital Blog

This is going to be very helpful for the rest of my life!

13 Life-Changing Apps Every Nurse Needs To Know About

A tracheostomy is initially a life saving operation but is also a life threatening one unless the airway is kept clear from secretions and b...

The facts could save your life or the life of someone you know! Blood Clot Basics - Blood Clot Recovery Network - http://bloodclotrecovery.net/blood-clot-basics/

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