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Ryan Wilson-Horror Photography (not the actual photo, but the concept -- sitting, looking down at her "work". Keep the blood on her legs)

Beg for forgiveness ~ I have decided to have Nelvamar and Alesia have a bit of a romance in the proluge. He betrays her by using her as a pawn in his plans. This is the moment in which he decides to kill Chastellaire, Alesia's daughter, and asks her pardon. Not emotionally, but out of courtesy. That is Chastellarie's blood on his hands.

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sandra garancha | reflection | self | love | black & white | mirror image | photography

"No!" I screamed as Cyrus drew the knife against Xavier's fagile skin. Blood immediately flowed in a steady stream down Xavier's arm, his face shattering in pain like mirrors. "Please Cyrus! Stop!"

Angry Doll by Stefan Gesell Creepy | Art | Photography | Weird | Bizarre | Strange | Evil | Dark Art | Death | Crime | Blood | Inhumane