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(Kindle Purchase Price: $0.99) This is a very informative and useful book especially to those parents out there who are having trouble disciplining their children.

While we often think of discipline as necessary for older children, the truth is that parenting gets easier when we start early with a clear understanding of how to handle toddlers. With many parents turning to the internet for help when dealing with child discipline problems, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the pure volume of the advice and input. Some of it is good, but much of it is bad.

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When you discipline your kid, saying this is a big mistake.

When you discipline your child, saying this is a big mistake


How to Discipline an 18-Month-Old

An 18-month-old falls into the toddler age group, so you can expect abundant energy and curiosity from your little one. His curiosity might get him into trouble on occasion, and he may misbehave if he becomes tired or bored. Since discipline is most effective when it is age-appropriate and easy for your child to understand, learn which methods of...

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A Dad’s 3 Rules to Easy Parenting -

This dad has it all figured out in a tongue-in-cheek essay where he lays out the secret to child discipline.

Biblically-sound insight and information to help parents discipline kids. This Christian parenting focused site is for parents of all stages and covers discipline, behavior, strong willed children, angry kids, and practical tools for behavior modification for young children through teenhood.

Consistent parenting is the hardest thing for many parents. It is easy to lay down a rule and then let it slide when you are tired or in a hurry. Learn effective child discipline methods and advice in this article.

Having a problem managing your little one's behavior issues? Find out ways to help him control his impulses at

An edition of the award-winning 1-2-3 Magic program that addresses the difficult task of child discipline. By means of three easy-to-follow steps, it helps parents learn to manage troublesome behaviour, encourage good behaviour, and strengthen the parent-child relationship - avoiding the 'Talk-Persuade-Argue-Yell-Hit' syndrome.