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ice cream you scream

The Spencer Place kids would attack this truck every time he rolled down the street. We would climb on the truck and ring the bells. Our Good Humor guy was the best !

Good Humor Ice Cream Truck

Good Humor Ice Cream Truck - Seems like it always showed up right before suppertime. D and T chose their favorite flavors on a hot afternoon in humid Massachusetts.

Vintage Good  Humor Truck by Adam Kuban, via Flickr

Humor me, won'tcha? The ice cream man almost always serves as an icy blast from days long past. Especially so if he's rocking an early-model Ford and dressed in retro mid-century togs, as Jay here is, right down to.

Good Humor Ice Cream began in Youngstown, Ohio in Yum! WE always waited for the sound of the bells to come down the block. Wouldn't a food/ice cream truck of today modeled on this be great?

Vintage Good Humor Truck: logo and font

Sugar Rush: The Retro Ice Cream Man Cometh [Serious Eats]

77 Sunset Strip (1958-64) starring Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Roger Smith & Edd "Kookie" Byrnes — 1961 comic book

77 Sunset Strip TV Detective show Most famous cast members: Edd Byrnes-----Gerald Lloyd Kookson III "Kookie" (right) Efrem Zimbalist Jr.------Stuart Bailey (left) Roger Smith------Jeff Spencer /Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb/

Food As A Lens: I Scream For Ice Cream!

Bicycles, motorcycles and trucks all have been converted over the years in order to bring ice cream to the masses on street corners across the United States.


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Laugh in - Goldie Hawn was so ditsy in this show and I seem to remember a crazy laugh!  One summer my cousin Debbie & I painted her brother Chad 's upper body.  He had a very difficult time getting it off.  hahaha

Goldie Hawn on the 1968 TV show "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" .sock it to me.

True... also, back in my day you used "two" and "four" instead of 2 & 4

I just this same thing. 2 nd time in my life I feel very old. time was when my niece invited me to a club that played "old school!" I asked if old school was music. She said :"no, " ugh.