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Wiolakofta pattern by Kristin Wiola Ødegård

Piece of wide elastic, stitched pockets on end. Keep your needles together. Great idea!

Soup Bowl Cozy Pattern

Protect hands and furniture from hot soup, chili, and oatmeal with a soup bowl cozy that’s as cute as it is functional! They’re fast and easy to make, which makes them ideal handmade gi…

Here is an easy knitting pattern that is perfect for a man's scarf (or a woman's too). ~ Key: | = Knit; –– = Purl. ~~ Cast on a multiple of 16 stitches. Knit according to the diagram. Start at the bottom right corner. When knitting the wrong side of the scarf just follow the pattern of the previous row. Repeat every 15 rows. It's just that simple!

Thursday, January 17, 20133 Strand Cable Braid Tutorial I had almost forgotten how to do this and realized there are no good tutorials on 3 strand braids on the internet - or if there are any, they are hiding from me:-) What you need 15 masks Extra Needle Held in the Front. You will need yarn, knitting needles and an extra needle. I tripled the yarn and used 8mm needles to get a really chunky braid. Then Cast a multiple of 3 onto the knitting needle (

Knit Stars - free pattern from ~ am I daring enough to try this one? I really need to learn how to knit in the round. Some patterns are hard to adjust for flat knitting heh

Have Fabric Scraps? Here's 21 Ways to Use Them Up!

making lanyards from fabric scraps~ So like most school staff know, part of the daily dress code is one's name tag, often clipped to a lanyard. The lanyard provided by employers is usually a plain cheep shoelace-like material. DIY lanyards

BusyHSMom has a very clever method of starting at the center of a piece -- a few rows of I-cord make a temporary start in disposable yarn. After you have a comfortable start, the original "belly button" vestige comes off and you thread the starting tail through the first few loops to close the center. Good clear photo tutorial, yay!