Love this! Finding JOY in 6th Grade: Classroom Management: keeping track of student behaviour

Goal Setting in the Classroom- love this. Students set smart goals, ones the can measure. I even set a goal and reflect on it too. Kids can check in on me and see how I'm achieving my goals as well.

Why did i JUST find this?!? Hundreds of Smartboard Lessons and lesson plans organized by grade and subject. FREE!

Classroom management for middle and high school classrooms. 3 rules and 4 consequences and how they work in an actual classroom

Student Friendly Behavior Notice for Classroom Management....could list the social contract and attach instead of writing noted. Could be altered for high school.

Stop what you’re doing. Walk over and hand this to a child instead of yelling across the classroom. Great idea for classroom management without disrupting the whole class! With picture cues for the firsties.

behavior management idea

Warning Cards (A Classroom Management Tool!) - Was going to make these myself, but now I don't have to!

Classroom Management Checklist... Must print out to help with my new classroom!

Tattling vs. Reporting - tough concept, these are excellent definitions, need this for my kid, useful for all ages!

6th Grade Math Games.... it's like the 3rd post down.. The whole blog is awesome though!

ha ha love this and need it for one of my classes where the definition of talking seems to be confused...

10 fun ways to applaud classmates. Ways for the class as a community to celebrate a student's work

Journey of a Substitute Teacher: Substitute Preparedness: Classroom Management *Freebie*

Classroom management charts AND GREAT BLOG!

GROUPS Classroom Management. Free download.

Classroom management

great for classroom management

Free Behavior Management Spreadsheets for your whole class! Read all about it at Forever in Fifth Grade!