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Contra todo pronóstico, Katniss ha ganado los Juegos del Hambre. Ella y su compañero del Distrito 12, Peeta Mellark, siguen vivos. Katniss debería sentirse aliviada: ha regresado con su familia y su amigo de toda la vida, Gale. Sin embargo, nada es como a ella le gustaría. Gale guarda las distancias y Peeta le ha dado la espalda por completo. Además se rumorea que existe una rebelión contra el Capitolio, una rebelión que Katniss y Peeta pueden haber ayudado a encender

This was very good. I felt the creativity started to fall apart a bit at the end, but overall good writing and interesting ideas. This particular dystopia has the vestiges of humanity gathered in Chicago organized into 5 different factions....and the factionless. The factions are representative of a code of conduct (such as the Candor, who lead lives full of complete honesty and the Dauntless who are raised to be brave and powerful).

"Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn. Thriller. Review: "The premise could be torn from the news: When a young wife goes missing, her lying husband quickly falls under suspicion. But what really happened? This snappy, edge-of-your-seat thriller goes far deeper into the marriage than any headline-making story could take you."

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