Half birthday cake ... my mom did this for me and my sisters when we were 6 months old

Half Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday avalanche! Close bedroom door trap balloons against the door frame when the person opens their door the next morning, it's raining balloons,

so how cool would it be to do one of these for your kid? 1st side in kindergarten and 2nd side when they graduated high school?

Instead of giving kids an arbitrary allowance, they can pick what tasks they want to do and earn as much money as they choose. Dave Ramsey talks about this.

After the kiddos are done their regular chores they can pick a "work for hire" job to get money.

Best. Cake. Ever.

Tulle Cake stand. Could do it in any color...

Lunchbox Cupboard: the kids pack their lunches... pick one from each drawer (fruit, granola bars, snacks, desserts, drinks) The parent chooses what goes in the drawer, but the child learns to make their own choice of what to eat. Very cool idea.

week of birthday surprises

How fun is this!

I HEART THIS SO MUCH. It's THEIR cake, not Martha Stewart's. Use white fondant to cover your cake and give your child food markers to decorate their cake. Imagine doing this every year and seeing (in pictures) how your child develops.

Birthday Lunch! Why didn't my mom think of this?!

birthday morning surprises

If I ever have a little boy this will be his birthday cake :)

Kids Project : Cardboard Slide. AWESOME! I want to do this for me...


Movie night snack necklaces....let the kids make their own before the movie! How fun is this!

Little Boys Birthday Cake

Bashing baked cotton balls (goggles optional!) ... this entire blog is fantastic for moms of boys!

Minie Mouse