Spray-painted chandeliers--and how many of those ugly brass ones have you seen in the thrift store?

Princess Chandelier<3 This would be so cute in a little girl'r room! You could spray paint an old thrift store chandelier and add all the glam afterwards...too cute!

Painting stripes on walls!

spray paint pine cones and display!

i would love to buy thrift store chairs and paint them up however i like........

Bohemian chandelier - start with a thrifted chandelier and add bits and bobs until it sings! ~~ **Note** clear glass & crystals can be "stained" with glass paint or even nail polish*

Paint Swatch Wall. Cool inexpensive idea

This is so cute for a little girls room...and I know just the little girl...i always pass these up at thrift stores. :) Spray paint a hott color and waaa laaa!

thrift store lamps

upholstery spray paint. It's about time.

Spray-paint curtain rods?! Why have I never thought of this!!!!!

This would be a fun and cute display board to swap out pictures. Easy to make.

Chandelier planter

Now i know what to do when i find a chair that lacks a seat...

diy bicycle glass jar candle chandeleir

How to Use One Yard of Fabric To Style a Window Shade 3 Ways | In My Own Style

I see these old wood side tables at the thrift store all the time. Lacquer spray paint is REMARKABLE!!

Map-covered canvases.


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