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    markers inside "eraser" - when passing out, the students don't know what color they'll get = no arguing

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    • Julie Kegel

      dry erase markers inside sock erase - when passing out, the students don't know what color they'll get = no arguing

    • Sarah Schnack

      Dry erase markers inside sock "eraser" - when passing these out, the students don't know what color they'll get = no arguing! I use black socks. Looks much cleaner when erasing.

    • Marie Slovisky

      Place the dry erase markers inside the sock erasers for easier clean-up, storage, and distribution! @Barb Fisher

    • Erin Rigot

      Dollar Store socks-put a dry erase marker inside each one and store in a tub. When it is time to use lap boards let each kid grab a sock "eraser" and the pen is already there-frast and easy supply management!

    • Amanda M.

      Markers inside "eraser": the students don't know what color they'll get = no arguing...I encounter this daily. For example, when handing out shakers, we inevitably have a child who doesn't like the colors remaining 'because my favorite is gone.' In a perfect world, we'd have 15 of every color, but that isn't feasible. I would like to ask the Early Childhood teachers reading this how they handle similar situations. AMM

    • Kristin Fall

      Markers inside sock erasers... students don't know what color they'll get, so there is no arguing

    • Lindsay Walter

      Markers inside sock "eraser." Use black socks for a cleaner look.

    • Michele Suarez

      Dry erase marker inside sock "eraser". Black socks work best.

    • Emilie Sobb

      Whiteboard markers inside socks

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    THIS IS GENIUS! Use great critical reading strategies without copying the textbook! Students can keep a sheet protector in their notebook/binder to have ready in any class! Simply trim the side and bottom edge, leave three hole punched edge. Write with dry-erase markers, then wipe clean for the next 2-page spread

    Students don't ask me for pencils anymore. No one leaves the room until all pencils are back on the board. (Photo only, but would be easy to make!)

    "With having so many workbooks inside desks, I just swipe a fat Mr. Sketch marker along the bottom pages of the book. That way, when the books are piled inside their desks, they can see the colors! When I ask my students to take out a book, I'll say something like, "Please take out your Grammar Green book!" It really does help, and it makes transitions quicker and easier! And after a few weeks, my kiddos will be telling me which book is which!"

    birthday gift for students - I don't know if you do school on their birthdays, but this is cute if you do

    Love this! It's always the same kids...this makes them more accountable and they can SEE how often they don't do it!!!

    Leave personal notes on students' desks with dry erase markers when you know you are going to have a sub the next day or if you just want to show them some extra love

    Don't agree with all of these but some of them are useful

    First day class rules: I actually have this taped to the inside of my classroom door. After my students see these (and chuckle a little), my rules don't seem so bad.

    Five Ways to Use Memes to Connect With Students. Maybe I'll try again.

    How to motivate your students to perform better and believe in themselves!

    Your students will absolutely love this activity! After reading the sentence card they must decide if it is a silly or sensible sentence. Fun!

    These hold remotes, chart markers, dry erase markers, erasers, and board clips.

    Teacher trick: Stick a cup inside the foot of a sock and have students reach inside to pull out alphabet letters, coins or any other manipulatives.

    Dry erase circles. Who knew? Vinyl circles at group table. No passing out dry erase boards:)

    Hot glue a pompom on end of dry erase markers to use as an eraser. GENIUS!

    behavior board. When students do something good, pull out a stick with a number on it (1-100). When 10 numbers in a row are colored in, students get a party!

    FANTASTIC idea so kids don't argue over dry erase markers!! :)

    Wow, so cool! Write students' names on their desks with Sharpie paint pens, erase by coloring over with a dry erase marker and wiping away.

    Great tips for indiv.whiteboards....I use child-sized black tube socks with markers inside stored in a basket. Do wash them every few weeks if you use the boards or desktops often

    Use two colors for name calling sticks. Flip the stick after you've called that student. Brilliant!