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Don't leave me..

Never speak from a place of hate, jealousy, anger or insecurity | quotes | truth

When thinking about life remember this: no amountof guilt can solve the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future ..


Rejection is God's way of saying "wrong direction". <3

"You can't rush something you want to last forever." I think this is the most appropriate thing Pinterest has ever said to me. 12.16.2013

don't be concerned with others

SO very true!

Took me a long time to learn


Forgiveness.....the one thing I always live by, even after being hurt time after time--because I know if I don't forgive, how do I expect God to forgive me.

Very true

I will never forget this quote when in the darkest valley of my life. It is so true!!!

Always been a rule of thumb, nobody is going to live for you.... learn to take care of yourself. Take care of your own, if not.. your nothing but a joke!

If god **