Astronomers see explosion in Jupiter’s cloudtops


Jupiter's "Red Spot"


Jupiter and Venus


Jupiter in infra-red.


Io against Jupiter.

Jupiter's moons

Jupiter, if it were as close as the moon

Jupiter from Voyager 1

Jupiter’s Clouds from New Horizons

Venus in one hand, Jupiter in the other

Jupiter & the moon and 11-28-2012 taken by Stephen Sutton in Bristol, UK

Making sense of astronomical misconceptions

If you haven't seen Jupiter and Venus yet, get the eff outside within a few hours of sunset. You can't miss them.

Astronomers have discovered an Earth-size planet orbiting one of the nearest stars in our galaxy. #Infographic

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A new observatory still under construction has given astronomers a major breakthrough in understanding a nearby planetary system that can provide valuable clues about how such systems form and evolve.