• Roy Puente

    Justin Timberlake and dry ramen noodles - Justins hair looking very similar to dry noodles


    Ramen noodle hair? its funny to me how in the 90's, i thought you couldn't get much hotter than JT.

  • Misty Hoffman

    63 Reasons Why Boybands Were Better In The '90s Just laughed so hard at this, I cried. <--- true story!

  • Paige Perry

    63 Reasons Why Boybands Were Better In The '90s. I almost peed my pants laughing at this. But still, I love me some NSYNC and Justin Timberlake (dry ramen noodle hair and all)

  • Trisha Smith

    63 Reasons Why Boybands Were Better In The '90s Just laughed so hard at this, I cried. #funny #justintimberlake

  • Megan Ames

    63 Reasons Why Boybands Were Better In The '90s I'm crying!! This is SO funny! 90s kids.

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Definitely doing this next year!!!!

game. changer.

I adore this idea! Simple canvas turned into amazing art!

Dog Nose Art Wooden Sign by CustomDesignsByJenna on Etsy

Intermediate Walking Workouts

Need to start! All I need to lose is 10pounds!!!


Make perfect bows

Good things are going to happen i have to say that im excited about what will happen in the next month!! Suprise on the way!!!

God has three answers to our prayers ... yes, not yet and I have something better in mind.

Kate Spade

Anne Cole 2013 Silver Dot Foil Jet Grey Bandeau Tankini - Tankinis - Swimsuits

In love!

Wednesday Night Date #4, created by greenlantress on Polyvore I want this outfit. Oh so cute

Chiffon and Gold Sequin Dress

My mom would lose it if I gave this to her.

Bunny Bait! So cute! (Pretzels, Rice Chex, White Popcorn, vanilla melting candy, spring sprinkles, Easter M)

The Duck with PNC Park in the background


Makes sense!

$2 for a mouthguard, <$0.5 cents for H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) & Baking Soda. 20 min a day x 2 weeks. And after getting those Sparkly toofies, you will thank me for saving you $750. Or maybe even more.

Thanks valli Hall for this I just saw it :)

Just in case you didn't know this exists at Walmart for less than $4 per roll. I'm about to glitter everything! Votives, notebooks (already got my iPhone charger.) No more Modge Podge and glitter nightmares!