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Question:why do you love bacon so much? Its annoying. Anser:why do you hate on me? Are you jelous? Hater:of what, being a wierdo? Ha no. Me:no........but youre just jelous cuz you dont gawt da smarts. Hater:????? Me:DA BACON SMARTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Stunning Calico Kitten - 20th June 2016

Dammit Frank two drunk giraffe's walking road street one falls down drunk, Let's get you home buddy, Damn it Frank Keep it together, Don't Drink and Walk The Doctor's Dr Who - The Big Bang TV Show Episode - The Doctor Dancing "The Drunk Giraffe" It's Crazy Dancing, Mystery Solved -- Original Twin Peaks, Dr Who,werewolves, curse of werepug, were pug, werewolf creature from black lagoon, frankensteins bride, monsters ARTWORK Christopher Herndon February 2015