dip dyed hair - loves!

Don’t call it a comeback; the dip-dyed hair is a reminiscence of the bold-maned grunge girls who rocked the fashion world in the and has thereon increasingly grown as the trendiest hair color trend. Check the trendiest DIP-DYED hair here in this page.

My hair is getting longer...meaning I can do awesome stuff like this soon. I just gotta let my bangs grow out now. If only I hadn't cut them....... ):

16 Hair Tutorials You Must Have

Tutorial on Selena Gomez’s Sexy Summer Wrap Around Braid by Gee Collins. Check out more Celebrity Looks on Bellashoot.

Make Waves This Summer | BEAUTYBOOKED

Make Waves This Summer

Make Waves This Summer The mercury is rising and that means summer is on the horizon: frozen cocktails, long days at the beach, and of course, super-sexy beach hair, right? Don’t have time to sit at.

her hair! <3

Megan Fox is now listed in the category of A listers not just as an actor but also as a fashion icon! Here are the top 10 megan fox hairstyles that we admire!

how to: fishtail braid...the only one that made sense to me!!

How-to Fish Tail Braid: I really wanna learn how to do this because i am hopeless with hair.

Want her hair

16 Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair

If only my hair were long & thick enough.I love her big hair and her fishtail braid.