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Love this heart frame. Might put "everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt." Inside

e.e. cummings poem. someone got this in memory of her sister. It's funny, I love this poem and never thought of this but it's so appropriate. I lost a piece of my heart with my sister was killed and with that piece taken, a piece of hers was left in its place... so it's true -- "i carry your heart; i carry it in my heart"

this has convinced me that i want a tattoo in typewriter font. love.

pick yourself up. dust yourself off. start all over again. the worst thing you can do is continue to beat yourself up

Planning on getting a tattoo with my sons name, date of birth, and his footprint. I LOVE how this looks, so I'm totally stealing this and making it a bit smaller and having his name in this format with the date of birth under it where the bottom of the "L" is and then the footprint under that.

nicely done! I've been looking for a really nice black rose tattoo and this is it :))

Kayleigh .... Omg i think i found my first tatoo...a heart tattoo on the foot formed by pulse type of curve #heart #tattoo

I really like the style of this one, not so much the subject.

My next tattoo Im going to get... With Jackson's hand and foot prints. Love!!!

Beautiful quote - I dedicate this to my friend Joe Agnello and to his family who truly understands the concept of "life is too short" May everyone take advantage each day of the beauty that surrounds us and not take anything for granted. It is all a gift to be treasured.