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Baptiste Mondino S

© Jean-Baptiste Mondino

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Holstein Cows

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See! The people at work think I am crazy for loving my cows. The cows like it when I talk sweet to them. They are more "human" than you think!

Named Hermione

Hermione Donning

Stylish Cow

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Baptiste Mondino S

Mondino S Cow

Mondino Milk

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jean baptiste mondino

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© Jean-Baptiste Mondino

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cow kisses

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Mondino Cow

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Hermione the Holstein Cow donning a UK milliner hat. Photo by Jean Baptiste-Mondino.

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Gum Paste Birthday Cow with Hat and Cookie

Niamh Birthday

Birthday Cow

Paste Birthday

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"Old Gal and her cow" Photo by Phil Grout~ ♛

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Karmen Pedaru by Jean Baptiste Mondino for Jalouse, February 2008 #fashion #editorial

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Photo by Jean-Baptiste Mondino - Oh La Vache ! series for Milk Factory, Paris, France.

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Buddy the Elf Cat Hat

Pointy Cat

Hat Hilarious

Kitty Agrees

Styling Kitty

Hat 18

Hat Don'T

Buddy The Elf

Buddy Cat

Silly Hat

Buddy the Elf Cat Hat by scooterKnits on Etsy

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Hairstyle fail in 3, 2, 1... such a cute pic though! #hairstyle #hair #cat #catlady #meme #letsgrow

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Cat in the hat! ;-)

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#Joie #HNY14 #LAMforHNY14

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I'm not a cat.....I'm not a cat.....I'm not a cat...

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Custom Snuggly Dog Hat - The Original Pug Hat - Dog Beanie - Pet Hat - Pug Hats - Dog Hats

Pugs ️

Pug Dogs




Anna'S Pug

Pugs Baby

Dog Baby

Pet Girl