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  • Elizabeth Hotlen

    In my mind, this will - for all of time - be the best video game system ever! #nes #Nintendo #1990s #retro #video_games #nostalgia #childhood

  • Marilyn Aarsvold

    Laura's childhood memories - old school Nintendo!

  • DJ UndaDogg

    Nintendo Entertainment System - I have fond memories of the game freezing, having to eject the cartridge, and blowing as hard as I could from left to right into it.

  • Kim Possible

    Oh how I miss the original nintendo! RC Pro Am, Mario Bros., Tetris.....

  • Yaya Sykes

    Original Nintendo NES System - Bring back all those childhood gaming memories with the original nintendo nes gaming system! $64.99 via Take My Money!

  • Nicole Williams

    My Brother introduced our family to video games with the first system -- old school Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, etc.

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This game consumed more of my childhood than I’d like to admit. Duck Hunt came out in 1984. This game consisted of the player being the hunter. The laughing dog was the friend that grabbed the little duck shot down. There wasn’t a whole lot to this game besides point and shoot, but it was amazing to play, day in and day out.

If the game didn't work, you just blew into the bottom of it as hard as you could....fixed it every time!

Remember having to blow on the cartridges to get them to work?? hahaha Good times

You have to blow on the cartridge to get it to work ;)

Currently working on this Cross stitch!!! Considering makiong a throw pillow out of it when finished... Or just framing it for my hubbys Studio....

the original Nintendo, man they have come a long way since then :)

  • Amy Marseglia

    They have come a long way! But nothing beats a good old school nintendo game!

  • Nicole F

    If you have WII you can buy the original Mario games on there. We just found that out a month ago. Looks so cool, really looks like the original, even with the bad coloring.

  • cheryl christie

    I play this more than my x-box and Wii.

  • Navi Poteete

    My aunt still has one that works! I love playing this!

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La historia del Nintendo Caracteres+Mx

Nintendo. My 89 year old grandma loved nintendo. She played that for years. It was so funny watching her play. She always beat all the kids, grandkids & great-grandkids. lol

Fisher Price Cash Register media-cache4.pint... ernestoraffo childhood

My collection has grown much since the 80's