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DIY: Easy way to cut glass bottles !

I love colored glass bottles and recycle them for years. I was looking for a way of cutting the glass that I could use without the need for tools in order to reuse them. Of course I never imagined that the solution was acetone ...! See the video below: A s…
  • Julie Fischer

    Decanter Lighting by Lee Broom - two of my favorite concepts - fancy liquor and fancier lighting! these are awesome would be a great idea for bar lights using wine bottles

  • Sarah Lavigne

    Easy way to cut glass bottles for light fixtures/ candle holders

  • Ro

    Cut glass bottle lights / chandeliers

  • Cynthia Still

    decanter to pendant light fixture (i've seen the glass bottle cutting tutorials before but this never occurred to me! gorgeous!)

  • Sarah Bligh

    Love this one!!! - DIY: Easy way to cut glass bottles and create your own bespoke lamps!

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  • Fran Brandt

    In my earlier comment I didn't mention the scoring. He s absolutely right. I cut 60 bottles and only lost three. How about drilling holes in the bottles? So far I haven't had any success.

  • Jessica Blacknall

    Fran, to drill holes in the bottles, you want to use a 1/2" (or whatever size you need) diamond drill bit. I lay down some kind of tape, like duct tape, right where I want to drill, and start off by drilling through that because sometimes when you touch your drill to the glass it will want to skip around a bit, and that gives me some friction to work with.

  • Jessica Blacknall

    (cont.) You want to make sure you have a spray bottle with water to keep the glass wet and rinse away the glass dust as you go. Keeping the glass wet is really important. Slow, steady pressure downward, and you'll get a perfect hole most the time. I make sure I wear gloves and drill inside a box or bag in case one of my bottles shatters, but I've never had that happen.

  • Jessica Blacknall

    You want the hollow drill bit, like this:

  • Fran Brandt

    Thank you for the info. I haven't tried yet but I will soon. Thanks again.

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