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Auricular Acupuncture treatment chart for neck pain and other maladies. The US Navy is training their S.E.A.L.'s medics to use the ear acupuncture points for field treatment of pain instead of morphine and are getting great results currently.

Did you know migraine sufferers have different brains from other people? It’s true. The latest neuroscience reveals that those who experience migraines have marked differences in their brain structures. Migraine-prone individuals experience sensory input – including pain – differently from those who never get migraines. Their brain matter in the area that counts, the somatosensory cortex, is thicker. What scientists don’t know is if migraines cause brain matter changes, or if some folks are ... If you don't see flashing lights, or an "aura," is it still a migraine? Which food is a common trigger? How long does it typically take migraine pain to build up? Get the myths and facts about #migraines and their treatment.

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  • Jessica Gomes

    This list has major quackery in it. Wear an amber necklace? Seriously? There is no scientific evidence bee necklaces help with pain at all. It's quackery and when used on kids can be deadly. Any doctor will tell you this is just snake oil. Amber cannot be absorbed into your bloodstream by a necklace.

  • Kristen Gutierrez

    I guess some of the suggestions could maybe work. But the eat something when you have a headache, no way. If I ate every single time I had a headache, it wouldn't be pretty.

  • Redd Pond

    agreed,,,things that really work: keep a headache diary, look for triggers, keep hydrated, talk to your doctor about alternate therapies and dont take any herbal remedies without consulting them first, there are some that are mildly effective but can be contraindicated when taken with other medicines...

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